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Are you looking for a tax attorney in Houston, Texas?  You have come to the right place.  We specialize in connecting individuals and businesses with qualified tax attorneys.  Whether you’re not happy with your current tax attorney or don’t have a tax attorney, we can help!  We provide this as a FREE service to you. Here is our proven four-step method for finding the right tax attorney.

Step 1: Identify Your Tax Issue

While tax is a narrow area of law when compared to all of the issues that attorneys work on, there are tax attorneys who specialize in certain tax issues or transactions. So before searching for a tax attorney, you need to first determine what type of tax issue you need help with.

Step 2: Find Attorneys in Houston

Having identified your tax issue, you can now try to identify attorneys in Houston who might be able to help. Luckily, the Texas Bar association provides a list of all attorneys licensed to practice law in Texas. The problem with the Texas Bar list is that it does not provide a way to identify “tax attorneys” or just those tax attorneys who practice in “Houston, Texas.”

There are a number of third party websites that provide searchable or sorted lists, such as “tax attorneys in Houston, Texas.” These lists provide an excellent starting point for finding a tax attorney that can help with your tax problem.

But Houston is not a small city anymore. You will want to consider where the tax attorney’s office is located. Tax attorneys can be found in the following Houston neighborhoods: Chinatown, Clear Lake/Bay Area Houston, Downtown, EaDo/East End, Galleria/Uptown, Galveston, Greenspoint/IAH, Houston Heights, Medical Center/NRG Park, Memorial Park/Washington Corridor, Memorial/Energy Corridor, Midtown, Montrose, Museum District, River Oaks, Hobby Airport/Third-Ward, Upper Kirby/Greenway Plaza, and West University/Rice Village.

Step 3: Research the Attorneys

Having found your list of candidates, you now have to determine which tax attorneys do the type of work that you need and that you are comfortable with. This can require quite a bit of research, such as checking individual law firm and attorney websites and reaching out to and interviewing tax attorneys.

Another way to go about this is to use one of the tax attorney ranking websites. These websites can save you time as they compile information from the web so you do not have to. There are a number of these websites on the Internet. For example, Best Tax Relief has scoured the web and pulled together information for many of the tax attorneys who help with unpaid taxes.

Step 4: Screen the Tax Attorneys

The next step is to determine whether the tax attorney appears to be competent. Unfortunately, there are a number of tax attorneys that are coasting to retirement or that simply do the minimum to get by. Suffice it to say that you do not want to hire a tax attorney like this.

One way to weed out these tax attorneys is to determine whether they are still reading and keeping up with technical tax issues. So the test is to verify that the tax attorney has not stopped reading about tax matters.

With the Internet and information available today, it is possible to identify tax attorneys who are up to date and who keep abreast of tax law changes and opportunities. For example, they may maintain a tax law blog or they may provide free tax advice on Internet forum websites. A simple search for “tax law blogs Houston” brings up a number of listings.


This should take you a long way to finding a tax attorney in Houston, Texas who can help with your tax matter. If you still cannot find a lawyer to help, you can contact us using our contact form (see the tab at the top of the page) and we can try to help you find a tax attorney in Houston.


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